Welcome to East Africa - Kenya | Tanzania | Uganda - Safaris

Welcome to Kenya, the land where the word ‘safari’ was born. We have considerable experience in tour industry and we believe we are competent enough   to provide the "unforgettable safari experience " Our professional staff will tend to your every need, so from the moment we say ‘jambo’ (hello!), to the moment we regretfully say ‘kwaheri’ (goodbye) you will feel completely at home and satisfied with our services...more

Lodge and Camping Safaris

WildlifeOur lodge and camping safaris will take you in the very heart of Kenya and Tanzania game reserves and the stunning beauty of over looking hills and mountains, guarantees visitors a unique experience and the panoramic view of animals perpetually visiting the watering holes under floodlight, at night.

This unforgettable experience gives travelers a refreshing feeling and it’s nearest one get real to Mother Nature’s rejuvenating contact with the real wild setting far from concrete jungle and hustle and bustle of modern living..more

Safari Highlights

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya is a chance of a lifetime. We will take you to the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which stands at 5895m and Mount Kenya at 5199 metres..more

LUXURY TENTED SAFARIS - These are exclusive permanent tents at the heart of unique green African settings, characterized by sunny days. The star-studded nights under the canvas gives unforgettable experiences. With wildlife roaming in their natural environment..more

CONFERENCES & MISSION SAFARIS - boasts of a fleet of vehicles and our capability to handle transport services of any magnitude is our company pride... Coupled with transport ability is the knack to link up missionaries with churches and Local Groups. What could be...more